Super Easy and Powerful Ways To Prepare For 2017?

I know Christmas and New Year have just gone! You’re probably sorting out all the paper wraps from the gifts while trying to recover and give yourself a bit of “Me-Time” after all the hustle of the last few weeks.

Since your business is dear to you, then you should not leave this matter to the last minute. Take some time to assess if are you prepared for 2017.

Waiting too long to make adjustments and make hasty decisions can be the perfect recipe for failure.


You can prepare your business to have a great 2017. In other words, you have to be proactive instead of being reactive.


I’d like to share with you the step by step process I have learnt to use for my business to prepare myself for 2017. Do it at your rhythm it can take an hour or a day.
You should use it with your team and if you’re on your own – then… that’s your team.


Here are the steps that will prepare your business for a great 2017:


1. Summarise Last Year And Ask Yourself The Following Questions:


What went well in 2016?                            

What did YOU do well in 2016?

What went wrong in 2016?

What did YOU do wrong in 2016?

2. Do a SWOT Analysis For Your Business

Business strengths
Business weaknesses
Business Opportunities
Business Threats


Strengths & Weaknesses are internal aspects and can be in products and services, marketing/advertisement, budgeting, planning,

Risks & Opportunities are external aspects that exist or develop in your industry, the marketplace susceptible to change (economic or social factors), the competition which may be creating new threats or opportunities, new technologies.





3. Prepare Your 2017 Business Goals

Think numbers, of customers, revenue, profit, passive income, budget, etc…

Download (PDF, Unknown)


4. Stay Consistent With The Strategies You Put Into Place To Reach These Goals

Strategies should focus on:

Building on your strengths
Overcoming your weaknesses
Making use of the opportunities
Avoiding threats

5. Be Resourceful And Keep Educating Yourself


There is an incredibly fast growing economy out there, and you should know about it and learn how to leverage it.
The marketplace is constantly evolving, and you need to know the new trends of it.
The way business culture is changing and women can be the ones that would reap the most from this change – don’t you think YOU should be one of the firsts to know how?

2017 could be a turning point in your life and business. You can either choose to continue with the way you’ve always done business and stagnate.

OR… You can evolve with the economy and the marketplace and create a quantum leap into success.

At Six Figures Mentors we can help you:

Get your mindset aligned to this economy
Set the goals that will make you successful
Apply the strategies you need to have a competitive advantage (marketing)
Create a simple, step by step action plan to manifest your business goals.

Don’t skip this opportunity to give yourself a fresh start in 2017. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The Six Figures Mentors – $25/month (for the student access), however, you can trial it for Free for a month all you need to do is to

click here


Don’t wait for the world to decide your path. Take action NOW!


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Comment below, share your struggles and your successes.The more I know about your needs, the better I can help you with solutions and tips that will help you handle the situation.


Have a magical New Year!

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